A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war

Later that year, Arnold led an ill-fated expedition on a harrowing trek from Maine to Quebec. The purpose of the expedition was to rally the inhabitants of Canada behind the Patriot cause and deprive the British government of a northern base from which to mount strikes into the 13 colonies. Early in the battle, Arnold received a grave wound to his leg and was carried to the back of the battlefield.

A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war

Early Life

Arnold was a descendant of John Lothropp through his maternal grandmother, an ancestor of six presidents. He was enrolled in a private school in nearby Canterbury, Connecticut when he was 10, with the expectation that he would eventually attend Yale University.

However, the deaths of his siblings two years later may have contributed to a decline in the family fortunes, since his father took up drinking. By the time that he was 14, there was no money for private education.

His father's alcoholism and ill health kept him from training Arnold in the family mercantile business, but his mother's family connections secured an apprenticeship for him with her cousins Daniel and Joshua Lathrop, who operated a successful apothecary and general merchandise trade in Norwich.

His father's alcoholism worsened after her death, and the youth took on the responsibility of supporting his father and younger sister. His father was arrested on several occasions for public drunkenness, was refused communion by his church, and died in The French had besieged Fort William Henry in northeastern New York, and their Indian allies had committed atrocities after their victory.

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Word of the siege's disastrous outcome led the company to turn around, and Arnold served for only 13 days. Inhe repaid money that he had borrowed from the Lathrops, [16] repurchased the family homestead that his father had sold when deeply in debt, and re-sold it a year later for a substantial profit.

Inhe formed a partnership with Adam Babcock, another young New Haven merchant. They bought three trading ships, using the profits from the sale of his homestead, and established a lucrative West Indies trade. During this time, Arnold brought his sister Hannah to New Haven and established her in his apothecary to manage the business in his absence.

He traveled extensively in the course of his business throughout New England and from Quebec to the West Indies, often in command of one of his own ships. Arnold was convicted of disorderly conduct and fined the relatively small amount of 50 shillings; publicity of the case and widespread sympathy for his view probably contributed to the light sentence.

Arnold benefited from his relationship with Mansfield, who became a partner in his business and used his position as sheriff to shield him from creditors. He wrote that he was "very much shocked" and wondered "good God, are the Americans all asleep and tamely giving up their liberties, or are they all turned philosophers, that they don't take immediate vengeance on such miscreants?

Military career of Benedict Arnold, — Siege of Boston and Fort Ticonderoga Arnold began the war as a captain in the Connecticut Colony militia, a position to which he was elected in March His company marched northeast the following month to assist in the siege of Boston that followed the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

He proposed an action to the Massachusetts Committee of Safety to seize Fort Ticonderoga in upstate New York, which he knew was poorly defended. They issued him a colonel's commission on May 3,and he immediately rode off to Castleton in the disputed New Hampshire Grants Vermont in time to participate with Ethan Allen and his men in the capture of Fort Ticonderoga.

A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war

A Connecticut militia force arrived at Ticonderoga in June; Arnold had a dispute with its commander over control of the fort, and resigned his Massachusetts commission.

He was on his way home from Ticonderoga when he learned that his wife had died earlier in June. Quebec Campaign The Second Continental Congress authorized an invasion of Quebecin part on the urging of Arnold—but he was passed over for command of the expedition.

He then went to Cambridge, Massachusetts and suggested to George Washington a second expedition to attack Quebec City via a wilderness route through Maine.

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He received a colonel's commission in the Continental Army for this expedition and left Cambridge in September with 1, men.Margaret "Peggy" Shippen (July 11, – August 24, ) was the second wife of General Benedict rutadeltambor.com gained notoriety for being the highest-paid spy in the American Revolution..

Shippen was born into a prominent Philadelphia family with Loyalist tendencies. She met Arnold during his tenure as military commander of the city following the British withdrawal in Benedict Arnold is the most famous Revolutionary War spy, though to Americans he is more commonly called a traitor.

Benedict Arnold is the most famous Revolutionary War spy, though to Americans he is more commonly called a traitor. His very name has become associated with being a traitor. Biography. Benedict was born January 14, Biography Benedict Arnold (January 14, [O.S. January 3, ] – June 14, ) was a general during the American Revolutionary War who fought heroically for the American .

Continental and later British Army general during the American Revolutionary War. The name Benedict Arnold is synonymous in American history with the word traitor.

A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war

His name is almost a synonym for treasonous behavior so despicable, his many contributions to American Independence before becoming a turncoat are largely forgotten. Arnold actually built a very impressive military career before his defection to the British army.

Biography. Benedict was born January 14, , in Norwich, Connecticut to Benedict and Hannah Arnold. As a young boy his family his father was a successful businessman.

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