A review of peter berresford ellis macbeth high king of scotland

Much depends on whether Malcolm had three daughters or only two one of whom married twice — a point which is likely to remain uncertain. Malcolm, king of the Scots, submitted to him, and became his man, with two other kings, Macbeth and Iehmarc

A review of peter berresford ellis macbeth high king of scotland

Non-fiction Listed in chronological order under first world publication mainly UK but with first US publication where applicable. Wales - A National Again: Foreword by Hugh MacDiarmid. Victor Gollancz Ltd, London, The Problem of Language Revival: Selected Writings, Edited with an introduction. Pelican Books, Penguin Ltd.

A review of peter berresford ellis macbeth high king of scotland

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September,ISBN But these pamphlets are: Ridley, Medusa Press, London, Revisionism in Irish Historical Writing: Below are covers of some of Peter Berresford Ellis's pamphlets As Peter Tremayne As well as the Sister Fidelma series, under the pseudonym "Peter Tremayne," Ellis has written many novels and short stories, the majority inspired by Celtic myth and legend.

Masters of Terror 1: William Hope Hodgson, Edited and introduced. Corgi Books, London, The Ants, Sphere Books, London, Irish Masters of Fantasy, Introduced and edited. Wolfhound Press, Dublin, Zombie, Sphere Books, London, The Return of Raffles.Ian Bayne reviews The Scottish Insurrection of by Peter Berresford Ellis and Seumas Mac a' Ghobhainn, John Donald/Birlinn Ltd (Edinburgh).

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Ellis, Peter Berresford Macbeth: High King of Scotland –57 Learning Links, , ISBN Gregg, William H. Controversial issues in Scottish history Putnam, Marsden, John Alba of the Ravens: In Search of the Celtic Kingdom of the Scots Constable, , ISBN There is a modern work, Peter Berresford Ellis, MACBETH, HIGH KING OF SCOTLAND: , (Belfast: Blackstaff, ).

Unfortunately, this is an unscholarly re-hashing of William Skene's nineteenth century work on Celtic Scotland, and should be taken with a ton of salt.

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