An analysis of edward abbeys desert solitaire

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An analysis of edward abbeys desert solitaire

Sunday, February 2, Edward Abbey, from Desert Solitaire I have tried to create a world of words in which the desert figures more as medium than as material. Not imitation but evocation has been the goal. We camp the first night in the Green River Desert, just a few miles off the Hanksville road, rise early and head east, into the dawn, through the desert toward the hidden river.

Behind us the pale fangs of the San Rafael Reef gleam in the early sunlight; above them stands Temple Mountain - uranium country, poison springs country, headwaters of the Dirty Devil. Around us the Green River Desert rolls away to the north, south and east, an absolutely treeless plain, not even a juniper in sight, nothing but sand, blackbrush, prickly pear, a few sunflowers.

Directly eastward we can see the blue and hazy La Sal Mountains, only sixty miles away by line of sight but twice that far by road, with nothing whatever to suggest the fantastic, complex and impassable gulf that falls between here and there.

Desert Solitaire

The Colorado River and its tributary the Green, with their vast canyons and labyrinth of drainages, lie below the level of the plateau on which we are approaching them, "under the ledge," as they say in Moab.

The scenery improves as we bounce onward over the winding, dusty road: More and more sunflowers, whole fields of them, acres and acres of gold - perhaps we should call this the Sunflower Desert. We see a few baldface cows, pass a corral and windmill, meet a rancher coming out in his pickup truck.

An analysis of edward abbeys desert solitaire

Nobody lives in this area but it is utilized nevertheless; the rancher we saw probably has his home in Hanksville or the little town of Green River. Halfway to the river and the land begins to rise, gradually, much like the approach to Grand Canyon from the south.

What we are going to see is comparable, in fact, to the Grand Canyon - I write this with reluctance - in scale and grandeur, though not so clearly stratified or brilliantly colored.

As the land rises the vegetation becomes richer, for the desert almost luxuriant: Many of the junipers - the females - are covered with showers of light-blue berries, that hard bitter fruit with the flavor of gin. For God 's sake, Bob, I'm thinking, let 's stop this machine, get out there and eat some grass!

Desert Solitaire | Essay Example

But he grinds on in singleminded second gear, bound for Land's End, and glory. Flocks of pinyon jays fly off, sparrows dart before us, a redtailed hawk soars overhead. We climb higher, the land begins to break away: A fork in the road, with one branch old, rocky and seldom used, the other freshly bulldozed through the woods.

We stop, consult our maps, and take the older road; the new one has probably been made by some oil exploration outfit. Again the road brings us close to the brink of Millard Canyon and here we see something like a little shrine mounted on a post.Desert Solitaire is an eclectic book, anticipating and including every theme, interest, and concern touched upon or developed in the works to come.

Desert Solitaire Summary & Study Guide Edward Abbey This Study Guide consists of approximately 41 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Desert Solitaire. The paper attempts to show how "Desert Solitaire", by Edward Abbey, conveys the ability of each individual to reclaim his nativism from the corrupting impact of consumerism, war and social conformity. Read Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey by Edward Abbey by Edward Abbey for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android "A passionately felt, deeply poetic book.

As a writer, Edward Abbey brought to perfection the art of the personal narrative essay in which poetry, adventure, observation, speculation, meditation, commentary, diatribe, dythyramb, anecdote. Fifty years ago, Edward Abbey’s Desert Solitaire was published to decent reviews but little fanfare.

“Another book dropped down the bottomless well. Into oblivion,” wrote a disheartened. A book about Edward Abbey's life as a park ranger in the American Southwest in the 's. Edward Abbey Desert Solitaire The University of Arizona Press Tucson Copyright , , Created Date: 10/25/ PM.

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Description book Desert Solitaire by Edward Abbey: When Desert Solitaire was first published in , it became the focus of a nationwide cult. Rude and sensitive.

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