An analysis of the american societys morals

For example, Scout, a young White girl, receives a lecture of morals and manners from Calpurnia halfway through dinner because she says something rude to her White classmate Walter Cunningham when he drowns his plate of food in syrup. Calpurnia, an African American, works as a housekeeper and is like a mother who disciplines Scout and Jem. But you ain't called on to contradict' em at the table when they don't" Lee

An analysis of the american societys morals

An analysis of the american societys morals

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. It looks at the beliefs that motivated them to be resposible for the murder of approximately 83, Jews. The people who attempted to perform a genocide were the same people as you and me with the only difference being the environment in which they worked.

The behavior of the men in Battalion was not abnormal human behavior, rather, their actions are testament to the premise that when humans are exposed to certain environmental and psychological conditions, extreme brutality is highly apt to occur.

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The members of the Police Battalion had the same ideas and influences as the rest of the German citizens. Because of the racist teachings produced by the German government, the entire German society was uniform under the belief that they were the master race.

The German were taught that anyone different from their own kind white Anglo-Saxon Protestant needed to be removed from their society in order for it to prosper.

The Police Battalion men shared the same beliefs as everyone else, but they had to perform the dirty work of killing approximately 83, Jews.

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People in every culture are susceptible to the ideas and beliefs brought upon them by propaganda. Humans have faced these situations throughout the last two centuries numerous times. For example, the American slave trading was totally acceptable to the southerners because the blacks were perceived to be lesser human beings.

The slave owners did not mind controlling and abusing a slave like it was an animal since in their mind the slave was comparable to an animal.

This was true in Germany with the only difference being that the Anti-Semitics thought the Jews should be eliminated. Children were taught that the Russians were evil and while the Russian children were being taught the same ideas about the Americans.

Propaganda was used by our government to make us believe that we were the good side while they were the bad side. Before anyone had time to sit back and think about the situation rationally, our entire society hated the Communists.

The same situation applied for the German citizens except, their attitudes illustrated the effectiveness of propaganda even when it has the evilest of implications. It must be understood that the men who transported or participated in the killings of 83, Jews were not selected as men who were thought to be capable of acting inhuman.

Before the war, the men worked as businessmen, truck drivers, medical workers, and even teachers who came from middle to lower class backgrounds. But it is true that the same men, who the Jewish society trusted as workers and professionals, willfully tried to kill them off.

The political environment which surrounded the Police Battalion made their vicious job less difficult.

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But those men who did not wish to partake in the killings could be given a different assignment. If a minority group differs from a majority group that has the same beliefs, they are looked upon with shame and disdain. If a soldier were to disagree with their orders, they were the object of ridicule and scrutiny.

It is much easier for a person to follow the beliefs of their society or else they will stand out. Following the views that your particular society accepts is much easier than standing out and practicing the opposite. For the Battalion men, responsible decision making was hindered among the wartime chaos.

Many soldiers found their task to be psychologically burdening until they found ways to overcome their uneasiness. Killing Jews even became a routine chore for the Battalion men.A Social Ethics Approach to Social Problems There are many who would sacrifice much for their children, fewer for their grandchildren. American firms ship low-wage, low-skill, and dangerous jobs to developing countries, they are essentially responding to domestic problems. On the night of June 4th, , the German steamship St. Louis, a well-appointed ocean liner of the Hamburg-America Line, lay at anchor just four miles off the coast of Florida.

The lights of Miami twinkled, clearly visible across the water, and the ship's passengers just might have been able to. Values in Fahrenheit Have you ever felt trapped in a world gone mad? That is how the protagonist, Montag, feels in the dystopian society in which he lives in Fahrenheit by Ray Bradbury.

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and the like On this page an analysis of the american societys morals you will find a variety of essays spoken and written. Democracy in America American politics. Morals Our great moral decline.

Is it really happening? Democracy in America Mar 2nd by R.M. | WASHINGTON, DC. Societys Influence On Morals Essay; Societys Influence On Morals Essay. the character analysis of Mr.

Darcy and the moral lesson that your initial judgments aren’t always right are some of the multifarious that reveal the underlined meaning of the novel.

An analysis of the american societys morals

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