Comparative study of nokia vs samsung pdf

Researcher has used the secondary data from the following source: Books Newspaper Internet As there was less time to have a detail survey of Nokia and Samsung comparison. So on conducting this survey researcher has taken 30responders as a sample. While conducting this research, the researcher has used Simple Random Sampling to collect the various data according to the study material.

Comparative study of nokia vs samsung pdf

This study is intending to identify the apt and secure mobile based on mobile operating systems capability and user requirements.

A study on the comparison of Nokia and Samsung handsets Essay Example for Free

Introduction In the recent period, mobile operating systems are area. These studies are trying to provide a glance getting a tremendous growth. Analysts are upbeat about the various mobile operating systems and its further more potential developments in coming security measures which were expecting and days.

So the selection of an 2. Many methodologies are available to define the Present mobile operating systems are equally or workflow of a research topic. This study followed more playing vital role than a computer operating the analytical methodology as mentioned system.

It is covering most of the activities which below Fig 1. Here in the initial stretch doing a were doing in a computer. We can see many of survey of current mobile operating systems in the them are highly relay on mobile phones for their market.

Then review the customer expectations on office activates like outlook, communicator etc. That indicates mobile operating systems are Then check the security mechanism implemented.

Security is one of Based on these studies and reviews users can the key features of any mobile operating system. Here validating the operating systems growth is 2. For each period of time. Now the era of smart phone, instance the current growth of Android operating which makes the world in finger tips.

Below table system marks the availability of bunch options in Table 1 give a market trend. Another importance target point is, www. Many of the daily j Office activities e-mail, communicator etc. Below are the highly using Many operating systems are available in the current functionalities through mobile.

Comparative study of nokia vs samsung pdf

All b Access social networks operating systems are in race to bring new features c Access local information and services and getting a leading role in the current market.

That is disclosing the importance of BlackBerry OS 3. In Mary Meeker an Windows Phone 1. Most of the surveys are bada 0.

Nowadays mobile devices are highly using than personal computers for social Nintendo 3DS 0. Below diagram Fig 3 and table Linux 0.

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Mobile Browser Usage Percentage Table 3. Many of them relay the browsers Mobile 0.Samsung and Nokia Comparative Study Case Studies and Project Reports. Mobile Handsets Market in India. Samsung plans to launch seven to eight new smartphones in , with recent releases of Wave and Galaxy S, based on the Android operating system, retailing at .

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Samsung Electronics and Apple, Inc., two of the largest technology firms in today’s world, provides a new paradigm on how vertically integrated firms today . Samsung Electronics and Apple, Inc., two of the largest technology firms in today’s world, provides a new paradigm on how vertically integrated firms today operate.

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“a Comparative Study of Apple Iphones and Samsung Handsets and Finding the Customers Perception About the Same ”.

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