Determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay

Values not in the table can be calculated by using linear interpolation. Slum is stellar luminosity, it is the Lum column on the table.

Determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay

The following table shows the results of two other groups. Percentage composition of MgO for classmates Name of group or procedure Percentage composition for Mg Percentage composition for O Relatively related to the required?

Molar mass value from periodic table Aditi, Manmeet and Kamaljit The definite proportion of magnesium and oxygen supports the law of definite proportion that states that the pure substance contains the same portion of elements every time they combine in same manner.

The percentage composition of magnesium will stay same even though some of the magnesium oxide has lost. First of all, we just proved that no matter what the mass is, every time oxygen combines with magnesium to form Magnesium oxide, the percentage composition of both elements will stay same.

Other way, if some of the Magnesium oxide has escaped it would have been escaped in In this situation the magnesium that will combine with oxygen will be either in form of Magnesium carbide, Magnesium nitride or Magnesium hydride. On other hand, since the mass of air particles like nitrogen, carbon and hydrogen is lower than oxygen, the percentage composition of magnesium will be higher in Magnesium nitride, Magnesium carbide, or Magnesium hydride than it is in Magnesium oxide.

First of all, corroded part of magnesium ribbon might contain some of the oxygen, meaning that the weight of magnesium and oxygen would have been inaccurate from beginning.

Determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay

More over while magnesium was kept in laboratory or open place it would have reacted with other particles of air or some chemicals in laboratories. This, again, will impact the result of investigation.

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Polishing might also make it easier for magnesium to react with oxygen. In order to solve this problem the experiment would have done in glass box with two openings. Here we can make oxygen flow from one opening and other as exit.

Determining the empirical formula of magnesium oxide essay

Since the air will be traveling from warmer to cooler areas no other particles then air will be entering, which will provide us with accurate results. Sources of Experimental Error: First of all, we had to start off with a smaller burner and we had our reaction going slower than other groups.

This caused us to run out of time for further steps of experiment.

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Determining the Empirical Formula of Magnesium Oxide | Essay Example