Essay writing on students and social service

He should not only be concerned about himself but also for the welfare and development of society as a whole.

Essay writing on students and social service

Now, social service is considered an important part of the school activities. Significance of social life: Man is a social being. Man lives in society, depending on mutual cooperation.

This cooperation helps him to tide over the misfortunes that overtake him off and on. So, every man considers it his sacred duty to stand by his fellow men in their distress. Thus, man learns to serve his fellow men in his formative period i.

Essay writing on students and social service

So, a student life is the most appropriate time for social service. How can students contribute to society? Students individually or in a group can alleviate the sufferings of the distressed.

If a student helps a blind man cross a road it is a service done to humanity. A group of students can render service to people ravaged by flood, cyclone, famine and earthquake.

Essay on Social Service

Students are the enlightened people. So, they can remove superstitionblind faith, ignorance of the illiterate. They can help the nation in the removal of illiteracy.

Essay writing on students and social service

Students can teach them to take health care. They can take active part in the national scheme of afforestation. They can look to the sanitation of their own area. The students may have a role to play in awakening public opinion against social evils like drug addictioncasteism, dowry systemby taking out procession or organizing seminars.

They can nurse the sick, donate bloodand hospitalize them in time of need. In any kind of accident students can render considerable help. Students should keep in mind one thing. Charity begins at home. A student, who does not render service to the members of his own family, cannot serve the distressed section of the society.The outline should be in compliance with the principal topic and the simple structure of this specific article.

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Students And Social Service| Essay And Paragraph