Homosexuality essay papers

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Homosexuality essay papers

Homosexuality has been on debate for numerous years. It is mentioned in the Bible which is thousands of years old. But recently two philosophers have spoken how they feel about Homosexuality. Michael Levin and Richard Mohr's views on the subject are in conflict with one another.

Levin argues that homosexuality is abnormal because it is a misuse of body parts that have evolved for use in heterosexual intercourse Levin Furthermore, because natural selection has made the exercise of heterosexuality rewarding to human beings, homosexuality has a high probability to unhappiness.

Homosexuality essay papers

Mohr refutes Levin's stance about homosexuality myths and stereotypes. He rejects arguments that homosexuality is immoral or unnatural.

Levin exemplifies the point that homosexuality is misuse of body parts with the case of Mr. Smith, who likes to play "Old MacDonald" on his teeth so devoted is he to this amusement, in fact, that he never uses his teeth for chewing but instead takes nourishment intravenously.

This is a clear example where Mr.

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Smith is misusing his teeth. In addition to misuse, Levine states that this man will have a dim future on purely physiological grounds Levin Smith isn't using his teeth for chewing, his digestive system will suffer from disuse. The result will be Mr. Levin incorporates the evolution process into this example.

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He states that Mr. Smith descended from creatures who enjoy the use of such parts. Creatures who do not enjoy using such parts of their bodies will tend to be selected out. In particular, human males who enjoyed inserting their penises into each other's anuses have left no descendants.

Homosexuality is likely to cause unhappiness because it leaves unfulfilled an innate and innately rewarding desire Levin Mohr takes a completely different stance on homosexuality. According to Mohr, homosexuality is perfectly unobjectionable.

The unnaturalness charge that Levin give homosexuality carries a high emotional feeling. This feeling is usually expressing disgust and evincing queasiness. An example of such feelings are some people's response to women who do not shave body hair.

Many of the people who have a strong emotional reaction, without being able to give good reasons for them, we think of them not as operating morally, but rather as being obsessed and maniac Mohr So the feelings of disgust that some people have to gays will hardly ground a charge of immorality.

The idea of "natural" is a key defense in Mohr's debate. He states that natural is that it fulfills some function in nature. According to Levin, homosexuality on this view is unnatural because it violates the function of genitals, which is to produce babies. The problem with this view is that lots of bodily parts have lots of functions and just because some one activity can be fulfilled by only one organ, this activity does not condemn other functions of the organ immorality Mohr The use of genitalia to produce children does not condemn other uses, such as achieving intimacy.

Mohr states that moral authority is needed to define proper function Mohr LGBT Our Favorite LGBT Essays We Published This Year. Getting messaged by a childhood bully on a gay dating app.

Navigating the dating scene as a black trans woman. This essay will cover the aspect of homosexuality within religious text, which countries allow or forbid same sex acts, groups that support gay Muslims, if any, and homosexuality existing in .

In her essay, “Homosexuality: A Case Study in Moral Argument,” Catholic theologian Lisa Cahill examines four major authorities and different ways to determine how they work together to produce a cohesive Christian ethic.

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