How could ups cip help the organization better manage work life conflicts

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How could ups cip help the organization better manage work life conflicts

Explain why or why not Of course they can.

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The manager probably had empathy all along; he just thought it was inappropriate to use it in the workplace. What changed was the realization that including the human side of the equation was not mutually exclusive of or detrimental to the bottom line, but rather, actually helped employee morale and thus increased long-term productivity.

Had Colvard been faced with this decision six months earlier, he says he would have gone the other way. What changed his thinking was a month he spent living in McAllen, Texas.

During his month in McAllen, Colvard built housing for the poor, collected clothing for the Salvation Army, and worked in a drug rehab center.

Colvard gives the program credit for helping him empathize with employees facing crises back home. And he says that CIP has made him a better manager. My goal was to make the numbers, and in some cases that meant not looking at the individual but looking at the bottom line.

After that one-month stay, I immediately started reaching out to people in a different way? There is no way he would have been fired or disciplined for taking the time. Besides, he would have been covered under FMLA if he needed to take time to care for an ill family member. There would have been no repercussions from UPS for taking the time off.

What negatives, if any, can you envision resulting from CIP? There they deal with a variety of problems- from transportation to housing, education, and health care. UPS has 2, managers. CIP includes only 50 each year. How can the program make a difference if it includes only 2 percent of all managers?

Does this suggest that the program is more public relations than management training? That far exceeds the 50 you are claiming. It is a good course and does give you a better appreciation for diversity. As far as the hypothetical question about the driver: There is no UPS company rule that I know of that would prevent the driver from taking that leave.

The only folks employed by us that would be ineligible would be new hires within their first year of employment—and such a person would never be a driver.

How could ups cip help the organization better manage work life conflicts

Drivers are hired by seniority and it takes an average of 5 to 7 years to have enough union seniority to be able to bid a driver position. Does the program increase costs or reduce UPS profits?

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Do you think individuals can learn empathy from something like a one-month CIP experience? Explain?Mark Colvard, a United Parcel manager in San Ramon, California, recently faced a .

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