Just lather thats all

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Just lather thats all

Writing Everyone deals with conflict in different ways, whether it be dealing with it head on, or avoiding it. Although their conflict is completely different circumstances, they have many similarities.

Everyone handles conflict differently in certain situations, however the way we handle conflict is how we determine our morals and essentially who we are.

When his enemy enters his barbershop, he is immediately uncomfortable to be so close to a man he despises. The barber struggles to determine who he is and how he should handle the delicate situation.

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The barber is conflicted as he finds the enemy leader in a vulnerable position, and the perfect opportunity to murder him.

At this stage in the story the conflict changes to person versus self, as he decides whether or not to take the moral high road. Her issue is not being able to determine who she is and how to express her own identity. Even when she put a red hat on her head or changed her name or turned the clock back a thousand years the woman had been here from the start.

Her conflict with her own self was resolved when she realized that your identity is not something that can be interchanged, but something that is with you always. Although the writer and the barber experienced very different situations, their internal conflict was very similar.

They both struggled to determine who they were and what they stood for. In the barbers case he determined he was not a murderer, he was just a barber. In the writers case, she learned her identity is not something she needs to discover, it is something she had all along.The theme of "Just Lather, That's All" is the nuances of morality and an exploration of the line between doing what is "best" and what is "moral." The story further develops the themes of .

“Yes, all of them.” The lather was drying on his face.

Just lather thats all

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This lather machine, is made by Andis, The only clippers I use as a professional barber are the andis masters, so I assumed that they would consistently have a high quality product, however this is the biggest piece of junk.

“Just Lather, That’s All” by Hernando Tellez is about a barber who is forced to shave the beard of one of the troops, whom he wants to kill but using all of his strength not to.

The barber is a rebel himself so having the enemy’s face in his hands with a razor sharp enough to cut the skin was a little too much temptation. the barber is. "Just Lather, That’s All" is told from a first person perspective.

Specifically, it is told from the barber's point of view, meaning that the barber narrates all of the story's events.

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