Kristina horner writing a business

I make a lot of different kinds of videos, but I tend to talk about writing quite a bit. To see all of my videos over on YouTube, go here. Probably my most well-known writing related video is my NaNoWriMo music video. This video was created inbut the song itself has been around even longer.

Kristina horner writing a business

FamilyNerd TopicsWedding by Kristina Horner Joe and I have officially been married for almost four months now, which is amazing on two counts: Time and space have finally given me the energy I needed to put this together. The very, very first thing that inspired this wedding was my insane desire to have a book arch.

You know that standard floral arch people often get married under?

kristina horner writing a business

I wanted mine to be made out of actual, literal books. The second thing that was purchased was my dress. And then I found this: I tried on some nice dresses.

But when I walked out of the fitting room wearing this dress, a hush literally descended across Alfred Angelo. I think my mom immediately burst into tears. And then we lost it, because Alfred Angelo is the worst and went out of business without warning anyone, bailing on thousands of orders.

But — then we found another one just like it online from a second-hand dress shop. It was a beautiful, elegant spot for us to capture this special moment, and oh yeah — I wore shark hands.

So my bridesmaids and I used Amazon Prime Now to get these little devils delivered to our hotel the very next morning.

And this is how Joe and I started the road to our marriage: When it came to planning this wedding, I wanted to do something that really and truly represented Joe and I as a couple, highlighting the things we each love — but moreso the things we love together.

It took a fair amount of ideating, and many Pinterest boardsbut we landed on books me and role-playing games him. We incorporated them everywhere.

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It started with our invitations, which looked like little novels. These were designed by the same lovely person who designed my website theme — she designed many elements of our wedding!

We had to hand cut those edges, people. The dedication started from day one. Then, in keeping with the theme, the very first thing guests saw upon entering the venue was this large book sign, welcoming them inside. They were not invited to sign a guestbook, because guest books are boring and who goes back and reads them, honestly?

Instead, we instructed guests to choose a figure on this giant framed picture, and color it in to look like them. They were now characters in our story. We kept our guests busy before the ceremony with trivia we had included on the back of our programs. And of course, when they went to choose a seat… there was no bride or groom side.

We had our guests make a much more important choice. I bought a heart-shaped paper-puncher and cut literally thousands of hearts from book pages, which we scattered all over the place.

Any flowers you do see are fake ones I bought on sale at Jo-Ann and hot glued just about everywhere. Even our wedding cake looked like a stack of books. And before anyone says anything — yes. Honestly, out of everything at the entire wedding, these are the piece I still think about and just smile.

Our wedding was so cool.

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Not to mention the dragons and unicorns we slipped in wherever we could. We gave our wedding party different role names, because everything about weddings is so formal and weird and we wanted to fix that. I gave our flower fairy two options for her headwear.Kristina Horner.

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