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Note on the law relating to pushing bicycles on public footpaths Based on Opinion by Counsel presented to a Public Inquiry in Milton Keynes, July Section 72 of the Highways Act provides that a person shall be guilty of an offence if he:

Law case digest

Law case digest

Official case law publishing may be carried out by a government agency, or by a commercial entity. Unofficial law reports, on the other hand, are not officially sanctioned and are published as a commercial enterprise. In Australia and New Zealand see belowofficial reports are called authorised reports - unofficial are referred to as unauthorised reports.

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For the publishers of unofficial reports to maintain a competitive advantage over the official ones, unofficial reports usually provide helpful research aids e.

Some commercial publishers also provide court opinions in searchable online databases that are part of larger fee-based, online legal research systems, such Law case digest WestlawLexis-Nexis or Justis.

Unofficially published court opinions are also often published before the official opinions, so lawyers and law journals must cite the unofficial report until the case comes out in the official report.

But once a court opinion is officially published, case citation rules usually require a person to cite to the official reports. Contents of a good law report[ edit ] The headnote from the leading English case Wilkinson v.

Downton [] 2 QB A good printed law report in traditional form usually contains the following items: The name of the case usually the parties' names. Catchwords for information retrieval purposes. The headnote a brief summary of the case, the holding, and any significant case law considered. However, a headnote is not part of the decision rendered.

Headnotes occasionally contain misinterpretations of the law in judgments of lower courts, and are not regarded as part of an official judgment or precedent.

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A recital of the facts of the case unless appearing in the judgment. A note of the arguments of counsel before the judge. This is often omitted in modern reports.

The judgment a verbatim transcript of the words used by the judge to explain his or her reasoning. Open publication on the Internet[ edit ] The development of the Internet created the opportunity for courts to publish their decisions on Web sites.

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This is a relatively low cost publication method compared to paper and makes court decisions more easily available to the public particularly important in common law countries where court decisions are major sources of law. Because a court can post a decision on a Web site as soon as it is rendered, the need for a quickly printed case in an unofficial, commercial report becomes less crucial.

However, the very ease of internet publication has raised new concerns about the ease with which internet-published decisions can be modified after publication, creating uncertainty about the validity of internet opinions.

These projects have been strongly encouraged by the Free Access to Law Movement. Many law librarians and academics have commented on the changing system of legal information delivery brought about by the rapid growth of the World Wide Web. Professor Bob Berring writes that the "primacy of the old paper sets [print law reports] is fading, and a vortex of conflicting claims and products is spinning into place".AELE Library of Case Summaries from the Civil Liability of Law Enforcement Agencies & Personnel.

Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII), a joint facility of UTS and UNSW Faculties of Law. Institute of International Commercial Law The Institute of International Commercial Law is a center for research on the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), which governs the commercial transactio.

Constitutional Law 1 (Case Digests Compilation) ; From Constitutional Construction to Power of Judicial Review of the Course Syllabus Uploaded by Anthony Rupac Escasinas5/5(6).

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