Paper shredding event

It is one of the easiest ways to ensure the private information held on paper files is kept secure. When it comes time to shred, there are a variety of shredding service options that companies can choose from. But if you are an individual looking to shred a small amount of paperwork without investing in a personal shredder, you have options too. Shred events provide a cheap, easy, and secure way to shred a box or two of old files.

Paper shredding event

They offer an opportunity for community members to come together and safely shred their documents while raising awareness on the importance of information security. Companies and organizations throughout New York sponsor shred events to help keep their local communities safe, secure, and aware.

What is a Shred Day in Bronx? A shred day is when a mobile shredding truck comes to a particular location in New York and shreds the paperwork of individuals from around the community. These events are sponsored by companies, non-profits, and other organizations who pay to have a paper shredding truck stop at a location for several hours.

These events are typically open to the general public, although the rules are established by the Bronx company who organizes the event.


An average event lasts hours and is typically held on a Saturday morning at a central, public location. Why Host a Shred Event in Bronx? Shred events are held for a variety of reasons.

Paper shredding event

While the main priority of a shred event is to raise awareness on information security and help community members shred their confidential files, many events are fundraisers to help raise money for a local cause. The organization hosting the event also gains positive exposure in the community.

The shred event host gets a chance to interact with local community members while helping them keep their private information secure. Shred days happen in cities throughout the U.

If you are interested in attending a shred day in your community, contact your local municipalities. Call us at or fill out the form on the right and we will help you get started.Once all four trucks are full, the paper shredding event will be over.

A drive-thru system will be implemented in the Renaissance Centre parking lot to help ensure a smooth drop-off experience. Participants will be directed to enter the parking lot via Elm Avenue and exit via South Brooks Street.

The Better Business Bureau is hosting a free shred event at Mel Rapton Honda. The first three boxes are free. To shred additional boxes, please donate $3 per box .

Mobile shredding and material drop-off services availiable. No appointment is necessary but please call ahead. You may observe the destruction of your documents. Iron Mountain and International Paper both host shredding events in the Phoenix area.

How to Search Online for a Shred-a-Thon When searching online for a shred-a-thon, use the name of your municipality along with "shred-a-thon," for example, Tempe shred-a-thon or Goodyear shred-a-thon.

Easy disposal of your documents with secure shredding services available nationwide. With shredding services available at The UPS Store locations nationwide, you can get rid of your personal and business documents using one of the leading document destruction vendors, Iron Mountain®.

Shred your items to help protect yourself and your business from identity theft.

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The Paper Shredding Event will take place from a.m. to p.m., at the Department of Public Works at Main Street. Residents are encouraged to call Lorna Cerbone at .

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