Prince of self-pity. hamlet critical essay

Plot Summary Acts 3, 4 and 5 Act 3, Scene 1 Rozencrantz and Guildenstern report to the King that, while Hamlet seems distracted and sad, they do not have a concrete reason for his strange behaviour.

Prince of self-pity. hamlet critical essay

Untitled Post posted Feb 21,9: Hamlet also acts very young when he is interacting with Ophelia, he acts so weird towards her and even ends up being the reason for her death. Untitled Post posted Feb 14,9: One, his age throws me off. He acts crazy in these situations and I believe he could handle them in a different way if he was thirty.

He could of talked to Polonius about his love situation with ophelia instead of going crazy like he did. Prince of self Pity says that Hamlet seems more villiainous than virtuous. I could not agree more with that.

He will not kill his uncle, who just happened to kill his own father, but he will kill his girlfriends father.

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Even if he did not mean to kill Polonius, he never showed any remorse or sorrow for what he did. Even though it has some flaws, the play has made it thus far and is still a very popular known play worldwide. He has done a great job delivering work that creates irony, adventure, and even confusion to everyone.

Untitled Post posted Feb 14,7: Hamlet does not act his age of He still acts as if he has the innocense of a little kid. He is to scared to mask a stand throughout the whole entire play till the end.

He put on an act like a little child. Untitled Post posted Feb 13,6: Although it was just one of the many brilliant tragedies Shakespeare has written, it was one that could be seen with many flaws.

There was confusion and a repetitive theme of revenge that could be seen as boring towards the end of the play. He was defiantly not a person of stable feelings and characteristics. He himself had several varying personalities, going from smart and intellectual to immature.

Some may see his flaws as being a character of "genius", but I think that the play had too many over all confusing conflicts and one of the major problems of the story was the inability to remain in a stable personality and mindset.

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How could someone consider Hamlet to be a "genius" when he let his own alter ego of being "mad" or "insane" consume him in his actions throughout the play? Nick Kuilman posted Feb 13,2: Seeing that hamlet is supposedly 30 years of age he sure doesnt act like it.

Untitled Post posted Feb 13, Claudias sends a note with dumb and dumber who drop the note Hamlet finds the note changes it around and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern get killed.

Hamlet had the chance to kill Claudias and did not do it but then does in Act V. I think that hamlet is a very well rounded character that resembles a lot like an actual person. I think the reason why he pretends to be mad some times is because he is actually crazy and only a crazy person would think to pretend to be crazy.

He is much like a real person because he does change his mind and he is some what of a hypocrite. Untitled Post posted Feb 12,6: As the story of Hamlet goes on, he changes from virtuous to more villanous.

Another example of Hamlets indecisive character would be the way he acts for his age. It is revealed that Hamlet is 30 but acts about only He should have more mature ways of dealing with problems rather than freaking out and the blaming it on his insanity.

If you are 30 years old you should know how to take responsibilty for your own actions.

Prince of self-pity. hamlet critical essay

Untitled Post posted Feb 10,4: He goes through many of his "depressing" stages and "I hate my life" moments that we, as young adults, can relate to. A 30 year old man would have a much better understanding and knowledge of how to handle such tragic moments in his life.

He felt he would go to heaven for the fact that he was mid-prayer just as he was about to go in for the revenge he deserved.I believe that Shakespeare had a specific intent in Hamlet's willful denial of what is generally staged as a verifiable reality: the. letters and trinkets Ophelia holds in her hands/5(6).

Hamlet: Plot Summary (Acts 3, 4 and 5) Act 3, Scene 1 Rozencrantz and Guildenstern report to the King that, while Hamlet seems distracted and sad, they do not have a .

Hamlet can be played as an indecisive and self-questioning Romantic intellectual (the Gielgud interpretation), or as a mixed-up kid, immature, uncertain of himself, veering from self-love to self-loathing by way of self-pity. Jan 18,  · This is a prince who was healthy and happy and could have lived a long and active life, if things had turned out differently.

of contemporary stars, whose personal style is to deflect seriousness with a joke, and who doesn't easily descend into self-pity and morose masochism.

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HW due Monday 11/5: Read BNW Ch. 16 & 17 (these chapters deal with Mustafa Mond's rationalization and explanation of the order of things in the World State vs. John's morals and desire for true knowledge and emotions).

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark Plot Summary Acts 3, 4 and 5