Project on fastrack watches

This was only a month after the third quarter results of the last fiscal were declared. The expectation was that the year-old would be preoccupied, even on edge. The numbers had been devastating for the company.

Project on fastrack watches

Working at Titan comes with it's perks. Taking off from work Casual, privilege and sick. Those are the usual. Company car As you move up the ladder, you get a company-paid-for and maintained car.

Your family, our family We treat yours like ours. Be more human If you take social responsibility seriously, we are here to bolster you. You get up to 6 days off PAID! Insuring you and yours Our employees are our primary concern, and so that makes their families our concern too.

The medical insurance for our employees covers spouse, children, and parentsbesides accounting for your pre-existing ailments. Your lifetime health insurance is on us! We offer our employees the opportunity to deck up their homes with furniture, kitchen appliances, and electronic appliances.

The sum is accounted on a depreciating balance method, making it convenient for all of us. Employees get to buy back the asset at a minimal price at the end of the specified period.

Project on fastrack watches

Enviable lifestyle discounts Our employees are our true brand ambassadors, and thus, we treat them as such. Reach out to us for medical emergencies, vehicle purchases.

And yes, for marriage and jewellery loans too! Get that education Want to study? Just come back and work with us later. Put your kids through good schools The demographic divide in Titan is huge, and we respect that.

Rewards and Recognition We are a company that believes in celebrating all victories - small or big. We also have customized frameworks designed for different departments.

For most employees being nominated itself is considered unparalleled recognition. The winners are announced at a glittering function in the presence of all our CXOs and the Titan Management Council where the rewards upto Rs 50, are given out.

Celebration Titan, with its inclusive culture celebrates many festivals. We are a company that believes in celebrating all victories — small or big!

This year we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and many channels are being deployed through the year to commemorate the occasion — The T Factor, a marathon, contest for the Titan tune, etc.

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The Unlike Awards Instituted last year, this annual award programme lauds winners in the Innovation category- a value that Titan holds very high!fastrack watches Marketing-Project-Report. Indian Watch Industry. Fastrack. Brand Audit- Fast Track. "Young couples are looking for new ways to discover their relationships and this set of special watches and matching jewellery from Fastrack, gives them just the reason to do so.

The promotion was in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore from 3/5(2). Watch The Video The compact Fastrack system has an integrated dishtable with water trough for waste removal, overhead shelf for cup and glass racks, and a motorized conveyor carrying loaded dishracks to dishmachine for washing.

Project on fastrack watches

Fastrack being a subsidiary company of TITAN INDIA PVT. LTD. Contains a genuine titan embosed LITHIUM ION battery which is also used in all sonata and titan watches with quartz movement. Hope that answers your question! The lowest price of Fashion Gateway Chota Bheem and Spiderman, 24 Image Project Digital Watch for Kids Green::Red Digital Watch - For Boys & Girls is in India as on Sep 15, View specifications, reviews; compare prices and buy Fashion Gateway Chota Bheem and Spiderman, 24 Image Project Digital Watch for Kids Green::Red Digital Watch - For Boys & Girls online at PriceDekho.

Fast Track, the working title of The Ex Dedicated a project management software program that is used for planning, tracking, Fastrack (fashion accessories), a brand of watches and accessories by Titan Company. On the Fastrack, a comic strip by Bill Holbrook; FasTrak, an electronic toll collection system in California;.

Marketing Project on Titan- Fastrack Watches: Creating Customer Value September – September Market research on Fastrack Watches:This was to study the market for the positioning and marketing strategies used by the brand to create customer value and EY | Market Intelligence | Strategy .

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