Questions of diffusion

Introduction[ edit ] The diffusion of responsibility refers to the decreased responsibility of action each member of a group feels when he or she is part of a group.

Questions of diffusion

None of the above enzymes are defective in either mutant strain P nor Q. Submit answer Correct Answer: C Explanation You should recognize that enzymes typically end with —ase and so you can see that the figure provided indicates the 3 enzymes that are catalysts for the three reactions as shown.

This necessarily means that both P and Q have a functioning enzyme argininosuccinase see Figure 1. More about the 1 gene, 1 enzyme hypothesis and the importance within a metabolic pathway. So, the gene that makes the enzyme for ornithine synthesis must have been mutated.

If ornithine is added to the media, citrulline and then arginine would be made and Mutant 1 could grow. Similarly, consider a genetic mutation in Mutant 2 affecting the enzyme that makes the arginine precursor citrulline.

Adding citrulline as a supplement complements the mutation and drives arginine synthesis to completion. And consider a genetic mutation 3 affecting the final step of arginine synthesis — the conversion of citrulline to arginine. With each mutated gene, only one step of the metabolic pathway is affected.

Questions of diffusion

Question 3 Experiments using the two mutant strains P and Q, reveal that strain P accumulates citrulline, but strain Q does not. Which of the following statements is most consistent with the data provided?

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Strain Q has only one mutation. Strain P has a mutation in argF only. Strain P has mutations in argF, argG and argH. Strain P has a mutation in argG only.

Questions of diffusion

D Explanation On the Surface: In the previous question, we established that the enzyme argininosuccinase must be functional for both strains and that means that argH is not defective no mutation for either P or Q.

Thus any answer choice suggesting an argH mutation is incorrect. Strain P accumulates citrulline. This means that the synthetic pathway was working up to citrulline but then was blocked from progressing. This means that the next step in the production line, the gene product from argG, is not functional mutation.

Thus we have our answer. Thus strain Q has must have 2 mutations in the synthesis pathway shown. The latter is liquid containing chemicals used to draw fluids and toxins out of the bloodstream and supply electrolytes and other chemicals to the bloodstream.

The membrane in the dialyzer separating the dialysate and the blood must be semipermeable. The concentration of toxins in the dialysate must increase during dialysis. Excessive minerals and toxins cross the membrane in the dialyzer by osmosis.

Dialysis only refers to the transfer of the solute diffusionwhile the transfer of the solvent is called 10" x 12" Diffusion Filter Lighting Pack - 12 Sheets: Photographic Lighting Filters: Camera & Photo.

Why does the RF-field have to be applied at the Larmor frequency for resonance to occur? What is meant by flip angle? Are the individual nuclei still precessing after a °-pulse?; Why are all the spins brought into phase with one another after a 90°-pulse?I don't understand why this should happen.

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