Sphere and flowchart

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Sphere and flowchart

Identify and classify factors independent variables that may drive an important results variable.

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Identifiy general and specific functionality that operates inconcert in a product or process. The tree structure helps check for completeness and reports the analysis in ways that can hide or expose details appropriate to different audiences. Distill fragments of data to find messages and themes that are not evident in raw data by itself.

Tree powerfully and succienctly reports the insights derived by the team constructing it.

Sphere and flowchart

Starting Point A results measure dependent Sphere and flowchart One or more functions delivered by a product or process Facts that answer a theme question Construction Top Down: Starting with the effect, asking why in a nested and branching pattern to surface fundamental causes.

Organizing a group of connected functions from the general view to the detailed view. Understanding and grouping factual answers to a theme question using rules of abstraction. Discovering and reporting themes that may have been evident in raw data. Common Pitfall — Out-of-scope Answer Figure 2: Figure 4 is a part of a simple Y-to-x tree, cast in the same general subject area as the cause-and-effect tree in Figure 3.

Each node should describe measure — a factor that can take on different values. Section of Y-to-x Flowdown Tree for a Medical Device Functional Analysis Tree Diagrams As noted, a Y-to-x flowdown tree focuses on the results measures and drivers connected with critical requirements.

A related-but-different perspective is gained by identifying and organizing the important functionality in an emerging or existing product or process. Functional analysis as an engineering method dates way back, with verbs always used to precisely describe functions.

If a team slips into labels that describe measures or where or how the functionality happens, the leader should pull the team back to the simple verb discipline.

Sphere and flowchart

Abstraction Tree Diagrams KJ or Affinity A KJ a language processing tool named for the initials of its originator, Jiro Kawakita or properly done affinity diagram organizes facts in a tree-like hierarchy.

Unique among the other tree tools considered here because they are built from the bottom up, a KJ applies the rules of abstraction discover and articulate key messages at the top of the tree in Figure 8. These few concepts or themes distill the meaning that may not be immediately evident when looking at the many lower level facts at the bottom of Figure 8.

Teams building a KJ tree may slip into cause-and-effect thinking, considering why things happen, instead of distilling how, when and where, as is required with a KJ tree.

Every lower level in a KJ tree should be a good example of the data above, at the next lower level of abstraction. The Logic and Value of Tree Diagrams The data and construction logic is what makes these four types of tree diagrams unique.

This information should be valuable to project teams who have to build one of these familiar tools from time to time, as well as process owners and champions who need to fully understand the factors explained by each type of tree diagram. You Might Also Like.A flowchart maker is a software showing the interaction, sequence or organization.

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A flowchart which is a type of a diagram representing an algorithm, workflow, process, etc. works in a way of showing the steps using the shapes, such boxes of various kinds, and putting them in order by connecting them with arrows of different lengths and shapes too.

Such diagrammatic. Browse shape templates and examples you can make with SmartDraw.

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