The china coin

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The china coin

The embassy asked if he could teach German and, six months later, he had a work visa for Beijing, which was changed to Shanghai after he had arrived in China via Czechoslovakia and Russia. Shanghai was in the early stages of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and increasingly hostile to foreigners as well as to scholarly endeavour.

The China Coin by Allan Baillie Jan 10, at The sales pitch was simple:
Newsletter Sign-up They appear to have evolved in parallel with the spade money in the north-east of China. These large knives are attributed to the State of Qiand are found in the Shandong area.

The Chinese teacher Burger hired was criticised for associating with a foreigner and the German was one of just three users of the Shanghai public library. Two years later, inthe school in Shanghai where he taught was shut down and Burger was invited to become a sheep farmer in Suzhou.

The china coin

What one can learn from how the Qing dynasty ran its show is that, although they were good book-keepers — much better than the British or the Germans — they did a lousy job of making a system of their economy.

Burger turned to LMU to pursue a doctorate, but when he asked his professors if he could study Chinese numismatics, they were baffled.


Burger began by looking at Qing records, but quickly found he needed to compare them with actual coins, and that he needed to study Manchu.

The Qing dynasty produced millions of coins annually, but Burger started his collection with a mere two million. A friend in Hong Kong, Lau Chi-man, imported scrap metal from Indonesia, where Qing cash was in circulation until the Japanese occupation in the s.

The rest he used as scrap metal. This was the basis of my collection, and it was 95 to 96 per cent Qing coins. He approached Sinologists around the world, asking where he might find mint archives. Alfred Kaiming Chiu, head librarian of the Harvard-Yenching Library until his retirement ingave him his first clue, pointing him towards the First Historical Archives.

At a dinner party inhe met the daughter of a Taiwanese diamond dealer based in Tokyo, Japan, and in so doing found the woman he wanted to marry.

Lucy joined forces with him in a year search for the mint records, which included relentless cultivation of a senior director of the First Historical Archives, Tang Yinian.

Workers knocked down a wall, and found a room packed to the ceiling with Qing imperial archives. They were all kinds of administrative records — water works, personnel — over departments. Finally, they had tens of thousands of copies of mint reports.

Then began the writing of the book and planning for a centre of Chinese numismatic studies. Before the discovery of the lost archives, the main Chinese sources on Qing money reported only what the official mints had been ordered to make.

But the lost archives included accounting records of every official mint in the empire, including how much cash was produced, the cost of production and where it was distributed. First, he was able to calculate with a high degree of accuracy the total annual cash production across China, and compare it with census-based population records.

By the late 19th century, production ranged between 0. Second, Burger analysed prevailing annual exchange rates. The massive devaluation of Qing currency in the 19th century is typically blamed on the opium trade, which was funded in silver imported from Mexico through the Manila galleon trade from Forgeries, both domestic and foreign, undermined the currency as early as the Qianlong reign.

The exchange rate in Qianlong was always around cash to the tael, which meant that the soldiers needed only 1, cash to buy two taels of silver to send home to their families and could keep cash in their pockets.Huebsch offers vended and on-premises commercial laundry equipment, including washer extractors and tumble dryers, as well as financing for both laundromats and .

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