The miracle question

Last Updated Jul 22, 4: Solution-focused questions focus on a better future as opposed to problem-focused solutions that focus on a troubled past. The solution-focused applicant focuses on what has worked, their strengths, and what might work in the future.

The miracle question

My First, But Not Last, Angelic Visitation Soon after praying that prayer, I lay down on the sofa, covering up with a blanket, so discouraged and full of despair.

The drugs and alcohol affected my circulation so severely that my hands and feet were constantly cold. I was an emaciated wreck. Approximately one hundred and twenty pounds on a five foot eleven frame.

My fingernails were bitten and bloodied. I had been literally surviving on chocolate-covered donuts and beer.

The miracle question

I felt that I would die of rejection and loneliness lying there all alone, pumped full of drugs and alcohol. Suddenly, from behind me, someone softly laid a hand upon my head.

This was a giant hand that absolutely startled me. I turned to see who had slipped into my securely locked home, coming up behind me. No one was there. I jumped up and went through every room The miracle question every closet, looking to see who was hiding and playing games with my mind.

I frantically checked every door and every window. They were all locked. I must have imagined it. Lying back down on the sofa that giant hand rested upon my head again ever so gently.


I jumped up, repeating the entire search process. Once again I was convinced that I was indeed alone and that my tormented mind was simply playing tricks on me. After all, drugs, alcohol and a steady diet of chocolate-covered donuts can produce imaginary experiences.

For the third time I lay on the sofa. As soon as I settled down, the giant hand was placed gently on my head again. It was so large that it easily reached both of my ears and my forehead.

This time there was no getting up. Some sort of warm, liquid substance began to pour into me through my head. It felt like hot honey was being poured into me. I was paralyzed but not with fear.

It was as if I was being paralyzed with love - hot liquid love. Down into my cold fingers it flowed so peacefully. Down into my cold, cold toes it slowly went. I was being overwhelmed by some sort of hot, liquid love that poured into my body through a giant, invisible hand on top of my head.

I lay there basking in this love that I had never experienced before when suddenly I lost consciousness. What happened next, I do not know. I immediately realized that during that entire time I had not changed positions. Neither had I dreamed. Of course, I did not eat or drink.

Every bodily function had shut down entirely. Some may struggle with this, but I am convinced that I was not even breathing during that three-day supernatural experience.

Louis, Missouri early in the twentieth century.In general, a wonderful thing, the word being so used in classical Latin; in a specific sense, the Latin Vulgate designates by miracula wonders of a peculiar kind, expressed more clearly in the Greek text by the terms terata, dynameis, semeia, i.e., wonders performed by supernatural power as signs of some special mission or gift and explicitly ascribed to God.

The miracle question is well known as an exercise used in solution focused therapy (also known as brief therapy) where a focus is placed on imagining what your preferred future would be like and trying to work towards that future in a step-by-step way.

The miracle question was developed beginning in the early 80s and I have been using it in almost every first session ever since. I think my (our) initial mistake was to call it “the miracle question” when it has never been just a simple question.

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Question: Recalling the "Creation" imagery from Genesis chapter 1 in St. John's prologue with words like "light" and "darkness" and the creative Word of God, what is the connection between Genesis' seventh day and the 7 th day of John ?

Answer: In the story of Creation on the 7 th day God rested. Yes, but there is more. On the 6 th day of Creation God created the beasts and Adam, and then. Here's what's really interesting: God's Miracle Dust or just GMD for short has been used as a survival tool since ancient was used 4, years ago in China and Egypt, but it wasn't until the s that its amazing properties were "discovered" in the United States.

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