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Everyday, I open the blog tab on my laptop to update the blog and every single day I ask myself, is this something I want my sisters to know about? And I end up not updating. This blog was a place for me to write whatever is bothering me and I loved the sense of relief it offered me. But now I am just lost.

Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

Good and Bad Science as Presented in the Movie Introduction and Background Information Global Warming is a familiar topic that shows up frequently news headlines, is taught in science classes and explored in depth in science magazines. While one degree may not seem all that significant the fact is that such an increase has had an impact on global sea levels due to the melting of Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland Ice.

The Antarctic Larsen Ice Sheet has collapsed. Ironically the collapse of the Larsen Ice Shelf actually occurred after it had been written into the movie. It stated that "Dead Zones" have increased by one third in just two years, bringing the number from to Not only are fish species becoming less plentiful as food but they are also in danger of extinction.

The causes are the dumping of pollutants into waterways and also the burning of fossil fuels which releases greenhouse gases. Average air temperatures rise and the secondary effect is an increase water temperatures. Fish that cannot adapt quickly to warmer water become stressed and large scale fishkill is inevitable.

However, the algae and bacteria that cause the eutrophication of oceans thrive quite well in warmer waters. Byrising temperatures could drive more than a million terrestrial plants and animals into extinction.

If global temperatures continue to increase many or all of the following concerns can and will become a reality: Melting of Glacial Ice, most importantly the Greenland Ice Sheet and Polar Ice Caps, leading to Global sea level rise due to warm water expansion and incoming fresh water from melting glaciers resulting in Coastal flooding and erosion.

An increase in precipitation, especially at middle and high latitudes, with an increase in river runoff.

A decrease in ocean salinity and a subsequent change in ocean current circulation patterns. Major shifts in ocean currents would affect both climate and species survival and possibly result in the extinction of many species, especially marine life.

It is estimated that more than a million species may become extinct by the year Declining crops resulting in global starvation. Drinking water is less available. Climate shifts - Droughts in areas that once experienced measurable rainfall amounts and higher than normal precipitation for other locations.

Higher death tolls from: Heat stress Widespread disease In fact, the year set the all-time greenhouse gas record and levels continue to spiral upward. A substantial decrease in ocean salinity has been recorded over the last 30 years.

The melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet has accelerated to the point equivalent to a. Warm water expands and so sea levels have risen 4 to 8 inches centimeters.

Sea levels have risen 0.

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Earth is in a state of Global Warming but soon temperatures are about to drastically change. The Gulf Stream North Atlantic driftreferred to in the movie as the "ocean conveyor belt", is disrupted and abruptly stops flowing due to the melting of the polar ice caps and an influx of large volumes of fresh water into the oceans.

Since the Gulf Stream brings warm water from the tropics past the North American continent, then continues in a circular pattern across the Atlantic towards Western Europe, the climates of these continents are influenced by this warm water current.

The disruption in the Gulf Stream circulation pattern results in a severe global deep freeze which sets the stage for the fictional drama in the film. Abrupt Climate Change When scientists speak about abrupt climate change they mean within five or ten years up to a century. For on-screen drama, events was compressed to a couple of days to weeks and, put simply, Ice Ages do not occur, nor do they retreat, overnight.

Climate change has happened a couple of times over the last 13, years but, unlike in the movie, never in a few days time. A complete shut down of the Gulf Stream is possible and is believed to have happened in the geologic past however, it is not expected to occur within the 21st century.

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Can Global Warming lead to Global Cooling? Yes it can, but not over several days as depicted in the movie. Over geologic time Earth has gone through several ice ages followed by inter-glacial warming periods. Shorter periods of much cooler temperatures have also occurred due to: A major volcanic eruption that causes pyroclastics to block and reduce incoming solar radiation resulting in cooler temperatures and a "year without a summer".

The ash from the eruption of Tambora in Indonesia cooled Earth so significantly that New England experienced June snowfalls and, throughout the summer months, crop failures were the norm in New England and also in northern Europe. A change in the circulation of ocean currents due to the melting of major Ice Sheets resulting in decreased salinity caused by the addition of large volumes of fresh melt water.McAfee Consumer blogs offer online safety tips for your family.

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For over 50 years SIR has researched and studied the key trends that are shaping the future. Sara Lance (December 25, – October 8, ; resurrected November ) is a former member of the League of Assassins, a vigilante, and a former member of Team Arrow.

She is also the daughter of the late Quentin Lance and Dinah Lance, the younger sister of the late Laurel Lance, the ex-lover. Colorado River. Regional Recycled Water Project. Integrated Water Resources Plan. The first time I saw her was on the eve of Yaya’s birthday.

I was making Yaya’s favorite fish cutlet when she came in to the kitchen to say Hello to me.

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