Travel to fort santiago intramuros

Intramuros is the Spanish term for "within walls" or "Walled City". It was located along Manila Bay and connected to Pasig River.

Travel to fort santiago intramuros

By taxi[ edit ] For visitors who don't mind shelling out a little extra - and putting up with rush-hour traffic jams - Manila's relatively Travel to fort santiago intramuros taxis are probably the easiest and most direct way of reaching Intramuros from elsewhere in the city.

Though within sight of the eastern walls, the station is a pretty long walk from the western part of Intramuros where many of the major sights are locatedso tourists headed in that direction might consider covering the rest of the journey by taxi.

If operations resume in the future, the ferry will likely use this same stopping point.

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Get around[ edit ] It's hard to get hopelessly lost in Intramuros, thanks to the district's orderly street plan. Follow this street all the way to its northwestern tip and you'll find yourself in front of Fort Santiago; go the other way and you'll eventually end up in Rizal Park, which is just over the border in the nearby Ermita district.

If you do lose your bearings, don't panic. Keep in mind that except for a small section near the river, the entire district is surrounded by walls - so there probably isn't much of a chance that you'll inadvertently end up in the wider city beyond. A quick look at a map and perhaps a little help from passers-by should easily put you back on track.

A calesa parked in front of Manila Cathedral By calesa - First used on the streets of Manila in the 18th century, these horse-drawn carriages can usually be found waiting for passengers near Fort Santiago. A nice, old-fashioned way to get around Intramuros.

To avoid getting ripped off, it may be a good idea to ask about the route and confirm the price of the trip before setting out. On foot - Walking from one attraction to another is a popular way to get around Intramuros.

Just mind the cars: It is even possible to walk on some sections of the old city walls. The tricycle is a good way to get around if you are alone or for two small made persons.

It is cheap and the "driver" is friendly and knowledgeable enough to take you around to all the sights. Get off if you are interested to spend time at a particular site. They charge by the hour, best to settle the rate before start and set the time.

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The tariff drops towards the end of the day. By 4 it drops to almost half which is anyway a fair price. See[ edit ][ add listing ] Intramuros is heaped in history.

A visit to the museums throw some light on the history of Philippines and life during the early period of settlements. Try not to be tempted to get into the souvenir shops, mark them and go later after the tour around the place and all the sites are covered.

Walls, gates, and fortifications[ edit ] Main gate of Fort Santiago Except for a small open stretch near the River Pasig, Intramuros is completely surrounded by the massive stone walls that gave the district its name. Starting from the northwestern end of the fortifications and moving anti-clockwise Note: This is not a comprehensive list!

The former military headquarters of the Spanish colonial government.

Travel to fort santiago intramuros

Although the fort sustained very heavy damage during the Battle of Manila, several key portions of the compound were subsequently restored - including its iconic gate with a wooden relief featuring Santiago Matamoros St.

James the Moor-slayerthe patron saint of Spain. The Rizal Shrine see Museumsbelowa small museum dedicated to his life and work, is housed in a restored section of one of the fort's former barracks.

Built inrenovated Severely damaged during the Second World War, the Baluarte de San Diego was restored in the s and is now a major tourist attraction. Built inthis was the last gate to be opened in Intramuros' walls under Spanish rule. Andres Soriano Aduana in front of Manila Cathedral[3].

Bounded by the Manila Cathedral to the southeast, the Palacio del Gobernador to the southwest and the Ayuntamiento to the northeast, this small plot of fland is Intramuros' very own plaza mayor main square. At the centre of the plaza stands a monument to King Carlos IV of Spain, cast in and erected in by a colonial government grateful for his having dispatched a shipment of smallpox vaccine to the Philippines.

Cabildo right next to Plaza de Roma[4].

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Completely rebuilt in after the disastrous earthquake ofthe seat of Manila's colonial-era city council once had some of the grandest interiors in Intramuros. The Battle of Manila left it a gutted shell, of which only parts of the first storey survived; it then suffered the indignity of serving as a parking lot.The Castillan Tours is a tourism-oriented entity that operates a fleet of carriages and motorized train that focuses in Intramuros Tour and Rizal Park.

The Castillan Carriage and Tour Services is a tourism-oriented entity that operates a fleet of carriages and motorized version of Tramvias thus Tramcar. Tours4fun is #1 travel agency for Intramuros Tours. We offer great selection of Intramuros day tours, transportation and hotels. Begin at the Intramuros Visitors' Center at the restored Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier in Fort Santiago.

This is an ideal jumping-off point for many walking tours through Intramuros. At the Center, you can pick up brochures on the places you plan to see or find out .

Fort Santiago is now a tourist attraction.

Travel to Fort Santiago, Intramuros. Travel to Fort Santiago, Intramuros When I was in grade 1, I’ve already went to Fort Santiago in Intramuros - Travel to Fort Santiago, Intramuros introduction. But I can’t clearly remember what I’ve seen that time because I was too young and I just wanted to explore with no particular task.

Guarding the entrance to the Pasig River is Intramuros' premier tourist attraction: Fort Santiago. Within the fort grounds is an oasis of lovely manicured gardens, plazas and fountains leading to an arched gate and a pretty lily pond.

Intramuros is generally located in General Luna (Calle Real del Palacio), the main street and gives tourists easy access to most of major nearby attractions including San Agustin Church and Manila Cathedral. Follow this street all the way and you'll find Fort Santiago then go the other way to locate National Museum and Rizal Park.

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