Trip and tea plantations

Tea Plantations and another trip into the Green Hell Posted by Philipp Dukatz on October 4, Apart from KL not being my favorite place on this earth, I can generally take big cities for only a limited time before the desire of getting back to the outdoors takes over again. So after a few days in the big city it was about time for me to head back out there to find the next adventure. The plan was to first hit the Cameron Highlands, famous for its vast tea plantations and cool climate which should be a relief after humid Kuala Lumpur. As these brief descriptions already implicate, the experiences there would be two completely different ones with one being a test of my boundaries.

Trip and tea plantations

Apr 12,7: A car is easier and you can stop off where ever you fancy just to wander around, admire the scenery or take photo,s. Personally, I like the fist section of that trip by road.

From Kandy to Newara Eliya. If you do thatwith a car you can stop off at the Ramboda Falls Hotel for a drinks break. From the restaurant terrace there the views are fabulous. Lush valleys, mountains and several water falls. One of which is right next to the grounds and there's a track you can walk down to get right to the base.

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Bathe in there if you want or just enjoy the water crashing down. Just after thatthere's a few tea plantations where you can get a free tour of the factory and see how the tea is transformed from a green leaf to the finished article you put in the tea pot.

I've toured a couple and enjoyed the Glen Loch Tea factory most. Perhaps because I was there when it was very quiet and had the manager give me a personal tour. After the tea plantations, it's not far to Newara Eliya. So, a short lunch break in Newara Eliya and then get your driver to take you to Nanu Oya station.

Nanu Oya is the station a couple of kilometres outside of Newara Eliya which doesn't actually have a station of it's own. Your driver would get train tickets for you, put you safely on the train and then be wating for you at Ella, if thats the place you decide on to stop.

Lots of the tour drivers do this and I think it's an excellent way to enjoy the experience of a mountain train ride without any of the hassles. Plus any time you might stop off at various places. In Ella, you say you don't want much walkingbut, you can stroll along the lanes towards Little Adams Peakit' along a nice quiet lane through a pine forest.

On the right, just after the trees stop, you'll see a small bungalow that sells plants and flowers. Well, the bungalow doesn't, but the people that live there do. Next to that bungalow there's a gate.

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Follow the track, it's easy walking, until you come to the last section which is about metres, steeply up hill. You may or may not want to do that but if you have plenty of time it's not dificult. The views from the top, looking down through Ella Gap are fantastic.Visit Kericho Tea Plantations on your trip to Kericho or Kenya+ Countries · 50,+ Destinations · Custom Itineraries · Online Trip Planner/10 (1, reviews).

Tea plantation. Explore a tea plantation to learn about the cultivation process. Visit a green tea plantation where we'll introduce you to a tea grower named Shimoyama-san. Yunnan Province. All together, the various tea plantations on Jingmai Mountain create the largest collection of tea production in the world.

Trip and tea plantations

More than a million trees grow there – a chunk of which are some of the oldest wild tea trees in China. *There are many hundreds of tea plantations in the world. With the exception of the Charleston Tea Plantation, they're all located in Asia, Africa and South America, many thousands of miles from our shores.

You can take tours of the tea plantations. Visitors are given the chance to get up close and personal with the locals in the field, like Mrs. Tan. You even get to work with the locals in the fields and pick the leaves and buds (technically known as flushes).

The calming backwaters, evergreen tea plantations, and rich cultural diversity of Cochin leave Vijyanta charmed on a family trip to Kerala.

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