Viewership of reality shows

They offered the public a fresh breath of air from the regular soaps which were too dramatic and became predictable.

Viewership of reality shows

After the Second World War, as people's enchantment with soaps started weaning, new type of shows began to be aired which showed real life situations in which common people and celebrities were involved. Pioneered by the likes of Allen Funt's Candid Camera -this new segment came to be called as Reality shows unlike the scripted ones.

They offered the public a fresh breath of air from the regular soaps which were too dramatic and became predictable.

There are many other psychological reasons as to why reality shows went on to become such massive hits. Post the changes in the Media and Entertainment industry in s, production companies brought several changes in reality shows, like leaner low cost production, and a little scripting and backstage controlling.

This paper aims to explain l these features along with the promotional activities taken by production houses. As the efforts to promote are invariably tied to the effects it has on the viewers, we have explained some effects on people too. Various viewer segments find some psychological needs satisfied via these shows, which can be judged from the testimony that the number of Reality Programs had increased by close to a hundred fold 4 to in a decade — The latter two types relating to people's emotional lives and their reactionary traits are well catered Viewership of reality shows these shows.

This freshness in content is provided by candidness at least presumably candid of the reality shows. Examples abound like 'Saregama', India's first reality show, which went on to be a huge hit as it was a deviation from the regular soap operas of that time.

The success of this reality entertainment genre can be gauged from the spike in viewership from They wish to see better realities of others or see their own realities to be better than others', as per their superiority or inferiority complexes respectively. The production team change the characteristics of the participants according to viewer responses and capture on this.

The viewers tend to form an emotional connect with various characters portrayed in the reality show. It could be for the ones they find themselves most similar with, or the ones they like the most.

Then they are drawn to watch the show repeatedly to see what happens to their favourite characters in the show. The producers exploit this need by hosting wide range of characters to appeal to a large section of viewers.

This makes the viewers feel that their decisions personally affect the contestants and gives them a sense of gratification of holding power over other's lives.

American Idol, Big Brother etc. Some would even feel a sense of contentment by it.

Viewership of reality shows

They harness this emotion by displaying characters being put through miserable conditions, physical or emotional torture, verbal abuses etc. Emotional Atyachar, Roadies etc. People tend to discuss the shows at office or while travelling or in social gatherings.

This influences non-viewers to watch the shows just so that they can stay relevant in such discussions. And later that is converted into regular viewership. Strategies implemented in selling these shows The strategies mentioned here are besides the hardcore aggressive marketing, in print and other media, billboards and electronic communication that largely contribute to their success.

Each reality show employs a distinct way of positioning its show. The contestants who come from difficult backgrounds tend to gain the sympathy of the people and thus attract viewers.

Naturally the viewers are piqued about the fate of these contestants and would tune-in in larger numbers in to find out the happenings. Also it is always made sure that such contestants are cleared until they get on to the next day's show to be followed up on.

Generally, the winners are the ones who would seem to need it the most as per viewers. Sympathy for the contestants is a strong motivation for the viewers to watch. Catering to Voyeuristic nature of people — Shows like Big Brother and Splitsvilla allow the people to engage in voyeuristic activities.

Secretly most people like to watch others personal activities. And placing cameras around the contestants round the clock, the shows offer such opportunities to the viewers. In most shows, the contestants engage in more than platonic relationships to raise the TRP levels.

These shows portray dysfunctional relationships, child abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol. Selling Motivation to the viewers — By showing success in Competition Shows, viewers are motivated to step out of their comfort zones and overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles just as their favourite contestants did.Nicholas “Duffy” Fudge, one of the fishermen featured on the reality show “Wicked Tuna,” has died at the age of In a statement shared on the show’s Facebook page, National Geographic.

The reality TV viewer numbers are in. NeNe‘s breakdown on part three of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion attracted million, which was down K from part one, and season 7 finished. Increasing Viewership of Reality Shows Posted in Marketing & Strategy Articles, Total Reads: , Published on 18 March Advertisements.

In the early twentieth century, with the advent of television, soaps and dramas along with movies occupied the prime air time. After the Second World War, as people's enchantment with soaps started.

The MTV show “Teen Mom” was actually credited with helping reduce teen pregnancies. Jessie Glenn is an anomaly. She’s the rare example of a reality television “survivor” who slipped. This fall reality show schedule is a frequently updated list of premieres for broadcast, cable, and streaming reality TV shows, documentary series, game shows, and other prime-time nonfiction.

Television ratings in Australia are used to determine the size and composition of audiences across Australian broadcast and subscription television, however viewership figures are only officially counted for 40 weeks during the year, reality shows and locally produced scripted programs.

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