Westminster company case 5

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Westminster company case 5

Sorry, this page has moved! Please click here to go to the new location. In fact, Westminster was the second colony in Orange County to be deliberately founded, but in contrast to the first AnaheimWestminster was not founded by any one ethnic group nor did it center on one product economy; this diversity in culture and trade is still evident in modern-day Westminster.

Over the years, Westminster grew from an agrarian community to one with a diversity of land use, including a range of residential neighborhoods, job choices, and recreational amenities.

Webber as the second Presbyterian temperance colony in Orange County after Anaheim. The colony was named after the Westminster Assembly ofwhich prescribed the basic principles of the Presbyterian faith.

The economy was established throughout the 19th century, when the completion of the Santa Fe Westminster company case 5 Southern Pacific Railroads brought settlers from the east coast, along with immigrants from China, Japan, and Mexico.

However, even with growing interest in the region, the population of Westminster was only people by By the end of the 19th century, the town had a range of commercial services while maintaining its reputation as a premiere agricultural center.

The first library was built in and in the first telephone line reached what would become the City of Westminster. In the Midway City subdivision began construction, followed shortly by Barber City in Despite the growth of the community in the s, the Great Depression stifled growth for much of the s.

In addition to the economic strains of the Depression, natural disasters including a major earthquake in and a severe flood in held Westminster back from embracing the development the city experienced in its early years.

Westminster company case 5

Despite its stagnant growth in the early s, by the s and s, the nationwide war and post-war boom brought exponential population growth to most areas throughout Southern California, especially those communities with access to jobs near the ports and aeronautic facilities.

Following the war, servicemen who were located in Southern California decided to stay for the warm climate, and many large housing tracts grew around the agricultural lands of Westminster. Inproceedings began to form a municipality called Tri City, in a proposal to combine three communities into one: Westminster, Barber City, and Midway City.

Before the vote, Midway City withdrew from the venture and remains unincorporated today. As commerce and tourism continued to develop throughout the city and county, municipal construction projects in Westminster—including a new administration building, senior citizens facility, fire department buildings, and a renovation of the civic auditorium—demonstrated the prosperity of the time.

Creation of a Cultural Destination: On weekends, the number of people in Westminster triples, as Little Saigon regularly draws visitors from Los Angeles, San Diego, and even northern California.

Westminster company case 5

Westminster continues to support the needs of a diverse population today and is widely seen as a welcoming community, with many services and venues to serve its visitors and residents including a seat theater at the Westminster Rose Center, a satellite campus of Coastline Community College, Sid Goldstein Freedom Park, and Westminster Mall.

In the first part of the s, there was a special focus on improving and maintaining community facilities most important to a primarily built-out city, including roadways, utilities, and parks. Westminster demonstrates its commitment to continue providing a high quality of life for its residents, property owners, business owners, and visitors.Decided cases.

Decided Cases will be published on this page immediately after judgments have been handed down. Decided cases handed down before this year can be . real estate is right here. Find homes for sale and other real estate listings for Westminster, CO on rutadeltambor.com®. Westminster Through the Years.

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A review of Westminster’s history can help recognize trends and events that shaped the way the City has evolved over the last years. Westminster’s roots run deep, with history dating back to the s, as early as any other community in Orange County. In fact, Westminster was the second colony in Orange.

A grassroots campaign on behalf of the students of Westminster Public Schools connected with voters this election season as the community passed a mill levy override, providing an additional $ million annually to the district.

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