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Woolf essays

Copyright J V Ward. A post-symbolist writer who relies on symbols?! However Woolf challenges the direct relationship between the symbol and the signified object and also subverts the authority of a symbol to act as a signifier.

Water is traditionally an image of life and procreation and in The Waves, Woolf presents the ocean as a symbol of procreation and life-giving energy. Although the explicit references to maternity present in the first draft of the novel have been deleted, the ambience of fecundity and vitality remains.

The ripples rising, growing into waves and culminating in dispersal on the shore suggests the progress of the characters through life from childhood to maturity. The dominant image of motherhood is instrumental in undermining the credibility of the Patriarchal society. Water as an image of a repository of the human spirit is repeated in Mrs Dalloway where Clarissa remembers tossing a shilling into the Serpentine.

The image becomes more poignant when we remember that Woolf herself met death by her own hand and by water. But the image is truly subverted in Orlando where the river freezes and life and death are intermixed.

When, the flow of the river ceases, life is suspended for natural beings. All other means of life are present but their spiritual existence is suspended due to the absence of a life giving flow.

However for the king and court a new life springs into existence. The release of the water frees the Muscovite ship and releases Sasha but stultifies Orlando at that time still in his male incarnation.

The might of England and the Empire are represented by crown and flag. Woolf curiously breaks down this symbol with imagery of her own. The car itself is fitted out in dove-grey symbolic of frigidity and anonymity exemplified by Sir William Bradshaw whose car, hair, rugs, furs and room are all of that colour.

The respectable members of society namely Hugh Whitbread and all his colleagues, the gentlemen of England identify themselves with the establishment figure. Ironically when the car eventually enters the palace yard, the nameless phantom of state remains unidentified as the passers-by are preoccupied by the equally mysterious sign-writing airplane.

The Pageant in Between The Acts is a representation of the history of England but its meaning has several different interpretations and its symbolic potency is therefore limited. Colonel Mahew imagines history to be represented in military fashion: In fact England is portrayed by a small girl who forgets her lines and her words are carried off on the wind.

The confusion reaches a climax when the mirror is produced and the audience is discomforted to see itself reflected as a symbol of Imperial England. At this point Woolf examines the validity of symbols: The cardboard is a symbol of a church which is a symbol of religious belief and this sequence of symbols is a signifier without a signified.Gutenberg woolf essays about life.

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Woolf essays

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Woolf essays

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