You lala booo

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You lala booo

It may be justified for robots, who may have some power source in the skull that keeps them going after being separated from their shouldersor might not have their core processor in their head anyway. The Undead and other supernatural beings may also exhibit this ability to have a functioning head and separate functioning body.

The head generally possesses the ability to audibly speak despite the lack of lungs. Robots could probably have their entire vocal system in their head, but anything else You lala booo only be able to mouth words. May or may not be capable of independent movement by either bouncing, rolling or levitating.

Sometimes the body will still be functional and capable of independent movement, resulting in the head trying to tell it to pick it up and reattach it.

Contrast Decapitation Requiredwhen it's the only way to kill them successfully. For decapitation in general, see Off with His Head! Not to be confused with Talking Headswhich is a stylistic convention. A Maestro credit card ad features a headless woman shopping for new clothes, and as she pays for her stuff with her Maestro card, she leaves her head behind.

A banner ad for Treximet, a prescription headache remedy, has a woman who says, "My migraines are so excruciating, I just want to take my head off.

In an advert for VO5 hair products a teenager removes his own head in order to style his hair. He then proceeds to flirt with a woman holding her head in her hands. An interesting case turned up in a commercial for Fruit Gushers that had a space theme. Toward the end of the commercial, some kid's head turns into a flying saucer.

At the end of the commercial, we see the kid's Flying Saucer head fly away, leaving his headless body behind.

You lala booo

Could also have some Fridge Horror if you consider the fact that the kid's head might not come back, leaving his body without a head.

In a similar vein, the ad for Gushers Magic Pieces ended with a girl making a candy "disappear," only for her head to vanish in a puff of smoke. Her voice says, "Hey, where'd I go? In the ad, the power goes off, leading the head to anxiously cry out "Hello?

One of them is clearly interested in the jacket that the other is wearing, and starts bargaining to trade one of his own possessions for the other's jacket. The offering quickly escalates from simple things like sandwiches and pudding, to the boy offering his very own head for it.

Sure enough, this is what gets his friend's attention, as he finally agrees to the trade. After the trade, a passing student quips "Nice jacket! View the ad [[ https: He promptly explains this is a nod to Face Raiders for the 3DS. Though it's stated that his electronic brain is in his chest and not his head, which is just for talking, hearing, and sight.

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Titans can generally survive the removal of their heads which they'll quickly regenerateoften being able to keep walking without it. Even on the occasions where decapitation kills them, it's not actually the loss of the head, but when the process of its removal also happens to cut away the nape of the neck.

Normally, humans and demons die when Guts of Berserk shears their heads off. The Count from the Guardians of Desire arc proves to be quite more resilient than that, which drives Guts to torture him further because he "doesn't know how to fucking die.

Two or three Awakened Being defied this norm. Of them, Europa is the one who plays this trope the straightest as she's able to "play dead" by being decapitated while in Human form and then transform in her true Awakened form Decapitation has otherwise no effect on her.

The other two are Priscilla, who's not only resistant to decapitation but has the ability to regenerate From a Single Celland "Bloody" Agatha, who basically cheats as her human body is just an appendage while her true "necks" that connect her head to her true body are her hairs; when she was decapitated in battle she all but mocked her enemies.

Dowman Sayman's The Collector and the Phantom Pain is a short story about Narumiya, a girl who finds her friend in pieces while on her way to school. Narumiya speaks to the girl's head and offers her help in recovering the scattered body partswhich fell inexplicably in the hands of other clingy school girls who refuse to give them away, and easily does so but secretly keeps her friend's breasts to herself, telling her that she was unable to find them.

Narumiya's friend doesn't mind, however, saying that she feels them being taken care of very affectionately. Daily Life with Monster Girl: Lala, being a dullahanhas her head permanently detached from her body. Normally, she leaves her head on her neck, but sometimes it gets knocked off and she has to get it back.

Body and head are both capable of acting independently, but the body lacks the head's senses and needs to get it back in order to use them.Pretoria Free Business Listing - Advertise your Business for FREE today.

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Clearwater Entertainment Presents: Wizards of Winter! Progressive Rock Holiday Music.

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Wizards of Winter is a holiday rock event for the family, featuring former members of classic rock bands Trans- Siberian Orchestra, Rainbow, Ted Nugent Band, Blue Oyster Cult and others!

The Wizards of Winter perform a holiday rock opera titled “Tales Beneath a Northern Star”, the story is based around. Wasn’t the full comic supposed to be out already?

The writer of this comic on Paheal said it was supposed to be fully out in October. It’s all available on his patreon but only if you want to pay for it.

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